Should you choose a top or a side clasp for your leather phone case?

Leather case for the Nokia Lumia 735

Perhaps you’ve just treated yourself to a Sony mobile phone. Whether it’s an Xperia M4 Aqua, an Xperia X, an Xperia Z5, an M2, Z2, Z1, SP, Z, T, U or even a TXT Pro, an Xperia Mini or an Neo-Kyno, a Vivaz or a Vivaz Pro, or maybe a W880, you’ll find a top-quality Sony leather case on this page of the Noreve website, a company specializing in sophisticated phone covers and cases. » Lire la suite

DBV-Technologies – using the epicutaneous immunotherapy approach to treat milk allergy

Viaskin is an epicutaneous immunotherapy patch designed to treat milk allergy

Epicutaneous immunotherapy, or immunotherapy delivered via the skin, is not a new idea, but one company based in France, DBV Technologies, has taken this concept further than most. Its epicutaneous immunotherapy solution is called the Viaskin patch, and it is hoped it will provide relief for those suffering from allergies to peanut, hen’s eggs and cows’ milk protein. » Lire la suite

DBV-Technologies’ electrospray turns a simple patch into an allergy-fighting super hero!

If you’re affected by one of the many food allergies that seem to have become so prevalent these days, perhaps you should take a look at the internet site. This French firm has been working on ways of treating certain allergies with the use of a new kind of application for electrospray technology (illustrated below). This involves spraying electrically-charged proteins (antigens) onto the backing of an adhesive patch.

Electrospray technology is central to the manufacture of the Viaskin® patch

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This solution then dries and sticks fast to the backing. When applied to the skin, the patch’s condensation chamber effect solubilizes the antigen and it is able to pass through the skin’s outer layers and into the body, without entering the bloodstream. This is crucial to prevent the occurrence of anaphylaxis, a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. DBV-Technologies have tested this approach out using a number of different proteins, including peanut, house dust mite and cows’ milk protein. Taken together, these are some of the most dangerous and widespread allergies, as well as those which are likely to have a severe impact on the sufferer’s quality of life. If you’d like to find out more about this solution, simply click here.

FM Sports Academies – giving your child a sporting chance at a career on the playing fields

FM Sports Academies are the solution to the learning needs of budding sportsmen and women. Composed of a network of well-respected educational establishments in France, Spain and the United Kingdom, this company offers intensive language courses and a range of academic subjects alongside specialist sports coaching.

Golf academy in France


The main sporting disciplines on offer are football, tennis, horse-riding, basketball and golf, which is available in centres in both Spain and France.

Students can work towards a range of academic qualifications. These include GCSEs, ‘A’ levels, IELTS, vocational diplomas (BTECs) in business and sports coaching and the French Baccalauréat. They will generally be taught in small classes, where they will have the additional advantage of meeting with students from around the world.

Up and coming footballers can apply to centres in the north of England, within easy reach of some of the powerhouses of English football. Alternatively, our football academy in France program combines serious football training schedules, (up to 3 hours a day, five days a week) with football theory courses. The academy coaching staff consists of highly-trained individuals, and typically includes sports psychologists, sports physicians and physical trainers as well as coaches.

FormForAll has all you need to generate forms tailored to you and your customers’ needs!

For a huge number of websites, the enquiry form is a feature that simply can’t be left to one side. It seems strange, then, that effective form creators are so tough to track down.
All is not lost – thanks to FormForAll the universal online form builder.
The key to FormForAll’s success is the intuitive nature of many of its features. It’s easy to implement and simple for the end user as well. The most obvious example of this is its drag and drop interface – a real bonus if speed is of the essence.
The social login function also promises greater convenience. This option means Google and Facebook users can automatically transfer some of their personal details when they’re filling in their forms. There’s even a multi-lingual display feature, which will allow you to display any form you create in a wide selection of languages. Up to twenty European and Asian languages are available.
A comprehensive overview of all options is available from
By now you’ve hopefully learnt a little bit about what FormForAll is capable of. Still, there’s nothing like actually seeing the end result for yourself. That’s why we’d recommend you click here in order to view our full range of form models.

For great-tasting water without the hassle – think fridge filters!

Are you seeking a more environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water? If so, a look at should give you some food for thought. American-style fridges have a built-in filter connected to your water supply which makes short work of harmful substances in your tap water such as salmonella, lead and copper, as well as greatly reducing plastic consumption and household bills. You would be well-advised to ensure that wherever you source your filter, it’s a manufacturer-approved model, like any Samsung fridge filter available on the website. Along with Samsung, LG, Daewoo, Beko and Haier, this internet site also stocks a range of whirlpool filter models. The effectiveness of filters is determined by the size of particles that they are able to stop, this being measured in microns. Different models use different kinds of technology, but amongst the most common solutions are carbon granules and carbon blocks. The second option is more expensive, but it is capable of filtering out even the tiniest particles and foreign bodies such as copper and salmonella (both a miniscule 0.5 microns in size). And let’s not forget – filtering your water will not just make it cleaner, it will improve its taste as well!

Ökologischer Weinbau auf dem Vormarsch

Im Weinbau gehen Tradition und Moderne seit jeher Hand in Hand. So reichen die Wurzeln des ökologischen Weinbaus in die 1960er-Jahre zurück und den Öko-Richtlinien auf nationaler Ebene folgten 1991 die EU-einheitlichen Vorschriften für Biowein. Sie regeln beispielsweise die Verwendung ökologischer Pflanzenschutz- und Düngemittel und konzentrieren sich hauptsächlich auf den Anbau, während der Weinausbau lediglich eine nebengeordnete Rolle spielt. Die Bioanbauflächen wachsen auch beim Wein stetig, denn die Verbraucher legen auch in diesem Bereich immer mehr Wert auf umweltschonende Anbaumethoden.

Galten in der Vergangenheit Deutschland und Österreich als Vorreiter, werden Bioweine inzwischen in ganz Europa angebaut und Weinliebhaber finden eine immer grössere Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Sorten. Geniessen Sie beispielsweise einen Bio-Malbec oder einen Bio-Cornalin oder auch einen Bio-Champagner. Für jeden Weinliebhaber findet sich ein passendes Produkt.

Inzwischen haben sich die Ökowinzer in eigenen Verbänden zusammengeschlossen. In Deutschland gibt es beispielsweise den Bundesverband ökologisch arbeitender Weingüter Ecovin. Dieser hat sich unter anderem die Erhaltung und Steigerung der natürlichen Bodenfruchtbarkeit, die Förderung und Mehrung der Artenvielfalt, die Reduzierung der Gewässer- und Bodenbelastung und die Schaffung einer sicheren Existenz auf die Fahnen geschrieben − damit sich umweltbewusste Weinliebhaber guten Gewissens einen edlen Tropfen gönnen können.

The latest generation of flip books pack a powerful punch!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but who says you can’t have both when creating your corporate collateral? The flip book is still the perfect format for impressive visuals and snappy content, all the more so now with the advent of increasingly advanced models, which feature more rich media options than ever before – sound, hypertext links, HD images and videos. And these can be seen, heard and passed on in all their glory on virtually any channel you care to name – embedded on a website, on social networks, DVD, memory stick, as an app for iPhone or Android – the list just goes on and on. This software has multiple applications – as an e-catalogue maker or online brochure generator or just to revamp a pdf document that would otherwise look a bit stale and staid. A major consideration when in the market for this kind of software package is ease of use. How intuitive is it to operate? Will you or your colleagues need special training in order to come up with a decent looking interactive pdf? Ideally, little or no prior training should be needed to begin creating your content, given that, as ever, time is money.

Delve into the treasure trove that is Lucrin’s online leather emporium!

The online leather market has been growing constantly and it’s now easy to browse through a massive choice of quality leather goods wherever you are, whenever you want. Lucrin is one leather manufacturer with a strong online presence in the shape of an attractive e-store selling its full range of products, which are designed for use at work, in the home and for travel. They also have a useful accessories section which includes basics like wallets, purses, keyrings and leather-backed writing pads. Showing that leather has certainly kept up with the times, you can choose a leather case for iphone 4, iphone 5, HTC and Blackberry smartphones, the ipad 4, ipods and kindles. All of these cases are designed to fit snugly around the device in question, offering all-round protection. Office accessories in leather include old favourites like briefcases, laptop bags, organizers and diaries, not forgetting another classic, the leather desk pad. This simple office accessory has never really gone out of fashion because it’s still the best way of protecting your desk from spillages, scoring and other damage, as well as offering excellent ergonomic support whilst you write. Whilst most designs are rectangular, there are oval and rounded desk pads available too.

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