FormForAll has all you need to generate forms tailored to you and your customers’ needs!

For a huge number of websites, the enquiry form is a feature that simply can’t be left to one side. It seems strange, then, that effective form creators are so tough to track down.
All is not lost – thanks to FormForAll the universal online form builder.
The key to FormForAll’s success is the intuitive nature of many of its features. It’s easy to implement and simple for the end user as well. The most obvious example of this is its drag and drop interface – a real bonus if speed is of the essence.
The social login function also promises greater convenience. This option means Google and Facebook users can automatically transfer some of their personal details when they’re filling in their forms. There’s even a multi-lingual display feature, which will allow you to display any form you create in a wide selection of languages. Up to twenty European and Asian languages are available.
A comprehensive overview of all options is available from
By now you’ve hopefully learnt a little bit about what FormForAll is capable of. Still, there’s nothing like actually seeing the end result for yourself. That’s why we’d recommend you click here in order to view our full range of form models.