The latest generation of flip books pack a powerful punch!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but who says you can’t have both when creating your corporate collateral? The flip book is still the perfect format for impressive visuals and snappy content, all the more so now with the advent of increasingly advanced models, which feature more rich media options than ever before – sound, hypertext links, HD images and videos. And these can be seen, heard and passed on in all their glory on virtually any channel you care to name – embedded on a website, on social networks, DVD, memory stick, as an app for iPhone or Android – the list just goes on and on. This software has multiple applications – as an e-catalogue maker or online brochure generator or just to revamp a pdf document that would otherwise look a bit stale and staid. A major consideration when in the market for this kind of software package is ease of use. How intuitive is it to operate? Will you or your colleagues need special training in order to come up with a decent looking interactive pdf? Ideally, little or no prior training should be needed to begin creating your content, given that, as ever, time is money.

Flipbooks – no longer the realm of specialists alone.

There was a time when the idea of non-tech specialists being able to use a flipbook creator to produce their own digital content would have seemed fairly outlandish. Not any more! Companies such as Webpublication have produced software packages that enable you to do just that. Their online brochure creator is a great example of how this technology can work in practice and the kind of impact it can have on your readership. Its real power lies in the fact that you can get your content online without prior training and you have complete freedom over editing and updating that content. To support your message, you have a whole arsenal of weapons at your disposal – video, flash animations, hypertext links, sound and HD images – just the ticket for creating a truly interactive pdf. And you can even use Google Analytics to target your chosen audience more effectively. Companies will be interested in the options allowing them to customize their content to their corporate visual identity (colours, logos, background), but probably the most crucial element is how easy it is to share. The various options include embedding your content in your website, downloading it to smartphone or accessing it via your Mac or PC.