Should you choose a top or a side clasp for your leather phone case?

Leather case for the Nokia Lumia 735

Perhaps you’ve just treated yourself to a Sony mobile phone. Whether it’s an Xperia M4 Aqua, an Xperia X, an Xperia Z5, an M2, Z2, Z1, SP, Z, T, U or even a TXT Pro, an Xperia Mini or an Neo-Kyno, a Vivaz or a Vivaz Pro, or maybe a W880, you’ll find a top-quality Sony leather case on this page of the Noreve website, a company specializing in sophisticated phone covers and cases.

Leather case for the Nokia Lumia 735


Beautiful, practical and made from the best quality materials

Noreve takes the greatest of care in the manufacturing of its leather cases and covers – in every aspect of the process. To start with, cases are tailored to each individual model of device, which has its advantages (such as the ability to use the camera or keyboard without having to take the phone out of the case). Simply visit the Noreve website – – and you’ll soon realize just how carefully made these items are. What’s more, you’ll often be able to choose from several different styles and colours as you can see with the range of leather cover models available for the Galaxy s6 edge, which you can see here (covers with side clasp, with top clasp, wallet cases with side