Up your game with a little help from your friends at Riley snooker international

There can be few better places to go if you’re interested in taking your snooker or pool up to the next level than the Riley website. Riley is a long-established manufacturer of tables and cues for a variety of cue sports, and there’s no doubt that time spent practising on a Riley table will be time well spent if you’re aiming to raise your game. Many professionals swear by the craftsmanship for which Riley is renowned and which, combined with the exceptional quality of the raw materials they use to construct their tables, makes them amongst the best in the world.  Greats such as John Higgins, Ken Doherty, Mark Selby and Jimmy White all use Riley tables. Perhaps most tellingly, Riley tables have been used in many, many world championship and other ranking tournament matches over the years. The crème de la crème of the Riley range has to be the Aristocrat Tournament Champion, which was the table used in the world championships for the best part of twenty years. Riley snooker tables are made from many locally-sourced materials – the pockets are made out of English pig hide leather, for example – and the rubber cushions and baize are manufactured by local firms too.