Dare your feet to be different

We can have a tendency to focus on clothes to the detriment of footwear. That’s a mistake. Hit the right note with your choice of footwear, you can then build your outfit from the feet upwards. A key fashion item for any woman’s wardrobe is an elegant set of half boots. There’s more variety than ever before with models ideal for diehard clubbers, picking up the shopping, nattering at the school gates, sophisticated brunches or simply that little matter of looking stunning. Keep your eyes peeled for some retro looks, daring fabric mixes and buckles aplenty. Classic colours like black, slate and chocolate are very much in evidence as always. That’s not to say you can’t be a little bolder. Are you wo(man) enough to try leopardskin look fabric? Or what about sparkling metallic blue? The synthetic fur effect is also popular.If you’re a colour addict, you should switch your attention to our range of ladies’ shoes. There’s nothing quite like a pair for making you feel ultra-feminine. You can throw caution to the winds with some daring blends such as black, scarlet and white or bubblegum pink, lime and yellow. Bring something new to your heels with rhinestone details or get belted up with buckles, both big and small.
The shoes are sorted out, so what about the rest of you? It’s definitely the time of year for making an extra effort so it’s a sophisticated look we’re trying for. Selecting one or two dresses gives you a flying start. If you lean towards less garish tones you’re in luck. Warm saffrons and soothing turquoises are stand-out favourites even if more colourful shades make an appearance in solid colour styles and paired with black, frequently in the shape of stripes, whether broad or more discreet.